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Understanding Emotional Regulation Through Art Making

Physical Regulation | Emotional Regulation | Cognitive Regulation

This art directive or intervention will take clients through both discussion based psychoeducation on the various ways we can regulate our brain, working from a bottom up approach, and creative subconscious expression of internal challenges, wisdom, and advice. The directions below will take you through the basics of this activity.

Colorful Papers



White paper

Construction Paper

1. Introduce topic of emotional regulation.

2. Provide construction paper. Ask client to rip construction paper into small to medium

   sized pieces.

3. Provide psychoeducation on physical regulation, connect meaning from step 3 to step 2.

4. Ask client to take ripped paper and create a collage of an animal secured by glue.

   ** caution this can be activating, to understand more please discuss in therapeutic consultation.

5. Provide psychoeducation on emotional regulation, connect meaning from step 5 to step 4.

6. Creative/Narrative processing of artwork. Ask client to have a conversation, in writing,

    with image.

7. Provide psychoeducation on cognitive regulation, connect meaning from step 7 to step 6.

8. Assist in deeper processing of client's narrative processing with image.

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